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The Wild Side

Fall/Winter 17-18

Come take a walk on the wild side and step into adventure.

Go beyond a typical aquarium experience and immerse yourself in the world of marine life rescue at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. See its most famous resident, Winter the dolphin, star and inspiration of the popular Dolphin Tale movies. See the animal care team work with other rescued dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and otters. Check out the newest enhanced experience opportunities, like the Pelican Encounter or the Otter Encounter, that give you an up close look at how the staff cares for these rescued animals. Book one of the 90-minute eco boat tours into the local waterways, where you’ll discover a variety of native sea life while your guide narrates this scenic adventure. A visit to this special and unique place is fun for all ages and supports its nonprofit mission of rescue, rehab and release of marine life.

New, this fall 2017, visit SEA LIFE Orlando and step beneath the surface of Lake Xochimilco to discover the super-powers of the axolotl. Axolotls are amphibians and are truly unique animals. They never really grow up to resemble an adult salamander. Axolotls have lungs, but also have branch-like gills located on each side of its head. The most remarkable ability of Axolotls is its self-healing super-power. They are able to re-grow a whole limb if it’s lost!

Discover the super-powers of the Axolotl yourself and see this critically endangered species up-close, learn about their habitat, why they’re critically endangered, what’s being done to protect them and what you can do to help.

Discovery Cove®, SeaWorld’s all-inclusive day resort, is famous for memorable dolphin interactions. Now, park guests can get even closer to incredible marine life with exciting shark encounters

The all-new Shark Swim program provides closer-than-ever interaction with legendary predators. While guests have always been able to view park’s sharks, the new program takes them on a daring next step, swimming freely among five shark species. Guests also participate in hands-on interaction as they learn about shark anatomy and the threats the animals face in the wild.

Guests who take part in the new Shark Swim program will walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for these fascinating ocean ambassadors.

The new interaction programs require a Dolphin Swim or Day Resort reservation at Discovery Cove to participate.

Florida’s Adventures In Paradise is an all-inclusive family fun park offering the highest quality of outdoor entertainment. From the petting zoo and wildlife refuge that features over 200 rescued animals, to horse trail rides and ATV tours, Adventures In Paradise lives up to its name. Just minutes away from world famous Cocoa Beach, this family park is established on 36 acres that once served as a navel orange grove and was then transformed into one of Florida’s first alligator farms. The park today merges its historic background with adventure, excitement, education and wholesome family fun.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, you’ll discover the magic of nature with rare animals and world-class entertainment. Throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, encounter wild animals, exotic jungle trails, high-speed thrills and more. On Kilimanjaro Safaris®, climb aboard an open-air safari vehicle for a guided tour into the African outback, home to live exotic animals.

As sunlight fades, celebrate the beauty of all living things with a Rivers of Light – a nighttime display of water sound and light. Watch as clusters of lantern light shift and shape into stunning animal spirit forms the tiger, turtle, elephant and owl. And witness the Tree of Life as animals within the great tree awaken during a mesmerizing showcase of color and light.

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is home to more than 1,300 animals and famous for having one of the most beautiful, tropical zoological settings in the world. The Zoo brings together animals and visitors to create unforgettable, natural connections. Guests get closer to wildlife than ever before by touching a giant tortoise, feeding a giraffe, getting nose-to-horn with an Indian rhino, hand-to-fin with slippery stingrays and more! Families can also splash in water play areas, feel thrills on rides and take in educational shows.