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Falcon's Fire Golf Club

Let the Club do the Work

Spring 2016

Central Florida golf pros feel there are some basic tricks that will take the pressure off of a golfer and place it on the club. Let the club do the work!

Many players find themselves in a poor position as they approach impact and change the club’s face angle last minute to save the shot. According to Fred Griffin at Grand Cypress Academy of Golf, “Avoid the trap of trying to muscle the club during a swing and rather make a point to work on your grip and setup position. The best players in the game try very little to manipulate the club or clubface as they swing the club through impact. This will provide for a relaxed and effortless swing allowing the club to do the work.”

Grenelefe Golf and Tennis Resort believes the key is to loosen the grip on the club as it comes into impact with the ball. This allows the clubs own momentum to naturally square by pulling the golfer’s arms straight. This trick will naturally force your arms to release and cause a sense of letting go right at the point of impact. Cultivate the swing allowing for a natural and effortless impact. This allows the club to do the work.

Shingle Creek Golf Club feels that a common mistake can be swinging too hard at the ball. Long and short clubs are designed to be hit with the same basic swing and minimal amount of effort. Finding the correct club can allow any golfer to play with great precision, distance control and power without trying to force it. The Pro’s secret is to keep the same rhythm and tempo throughout the round, allowing the club to do the work.

Tim Meiner with Falcon’s Fire Golf Club says “Allow the club to open on the backswing while making a full shoulder turn. Let the club naturally fall back to the ball and through impact ending with a nice full finish.” This allows the club to do the work.

Challenge yourself to these new techniques and maybe you will see a difference in your game. Make it a great day, go out and golf Orlando!