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Escapology Lobby


Spring 2016

Escapology is Orlando's premier live escape game offering an exciting, unique and challenging experience. Teams of up to 6 players must race against the clock to find clues, solve puzzles and escape the game room within 60 minutes! There are 5 different themed games: Cuban Crisis, Shanghaied, Arizona Shootout, Antidote and their newest game, Budapest Express. Escapology is great for families, friends and co-workers (over the age of 7) wanting to experience an attraction like nothing else in Orlando. It is the best way to spend an hour and half of your life, without phones or technology, just communicating with your group, challenging your mind and truly enjoying each other’s company.

Upon entering the mysterious steam-punk decorated lobby of Escapology, guests are greeted and introduced to a Game Master, who will guide you through your experience. Your Game Master will be your life line. While in the game rooms, they will monitor your progress and offer hints or clues, as needed. After the game, guests are then debriefed with complimentary beverages and the opportunity for a team photo.

Escapology offers two types of experiences, a private game and a shared game. To make a reservation, visit Escapology’s website to select your game and time. The cost is $30 per person for the 90 minute experience. After playing your first game, you will want to test your skills again!