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Who Dun It?

Spring 2014

You are invited to step into the world of comedy, mystery and intrigue at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows. Watch out as you mingle with unusual characters because the action is fast and the laughter is contagious!

Enjoy your salad as you are greeted and treated like an invited guest by their mingling characters. Once everyone is seated they begin the first part of the show where you will see a comedy mystery unfold and a crime is committed. Over dinner, you have a choice of meals: Cornish Hen, Cheese Lasagna with or without Meatballs or Prime Rib for an additional fee. You will elect a spokesperson for your table and as a table, you will formulate questions. After dinner there is a live interrogation, where characters go table by table around the room and allow you to ask your questions. There is lots of laughter and improvisation but most importantly you are gathering clues! Now, you are becoming a detective!

Over your choice of a mystery dessert, you will make your final guess as to who committed the dastardly deed and then they will perform the finale of the show and unveil the actual criminal. Your evening also includes unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks.

Sleuth’s also offers fantastic group rates for parties of 15 or more. Shows are great for all ages. Sleuths can’t wait to bring a little mystery and intrigue into your night out soon!