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All New at Arabian Nights

Spring 2011

For more than 22 years, Arabian Nights Dinner Attraction has provided guests of all ages with dazzling entertainment in a Broadway-style show on horseback and a delicious three-course meal. This year that experience is better than ever with more for guests to enjoy.

Following a year of exciting changes and upgrades in 2010, Arabian Nights continues to unveil new features and guest experience improvements in 2011. A new ticketing process will allow all guests to get seating assignments and enter the Palace of Horses faster than ever before. This new system will also allow guests to purchase upgrades, such as an Exclusive Stable Tour or souvenir program in advance with a new web interface. The improvements aren’t limited to the box office. A new pre-show experience will give guests a closer look at the horses and performers that star in the nightly production.

After the pre-show, guests can order one of the upgraded menu options; pork loin with Marsala sauce, sirloin steak, grilled chicken breast, Black Angus chopped steak with gravy, creamy vegetable lasagna or fried chicken tenders. All entrees served with steak house mashed potatoes and steamed seasonal vegetables. Children's chicken tenders served with macaroni and cheese. For dessert, Oreo fudge brownie or New York style cheesecake.

Both new and returning guests will enjoy many changes in the featured production, A Tale of Two Genies. Guests join a young girl named Scheherazade on the night of her 18th birthday as she learns that she is a princess. The princess is introduced to a magical world by two genies as they help her search for the prince of her dreams, Prince Khalid. The two genies bring the stories of her childhood to life, complete with acrobatic gypsies, cowboys, magical unicorn and Walter Farley’s Black Stallion. Two new acts have been added that give the audience a deeper look at the two princes in the show, the good Prince Khalid, and the evil Prince Vaneer.

Guests will have to see for themselves if the young genie, Hocus Pocus, can rescue the princess and summon her prince in this unforgettable experience.