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What's Your Time Worth?

Summer 2012

So you finally booked that vacation you’ve been dreaming of. You’ve decided where you will sleep, where you will visit, and what you will eat. You’re making decisions on the fly and rolling with the punches as you travel. You even remembered to pack the sunblock this year. Life is good!

Did you think of everything? Most travelers don't. Very rarely do they think about an illness or injury occurring while on vacation. Many purchase a travel insurance policy at the behest of their travel agent. Typically, this gets placed in their travel documents never to see the light of day. You would be alarmed at how many visitors to Orlando discover they need that document and actually use it.

If you’re traveling to the greater Orlando and Kissimmee area and you find yourself in need of medical care, know there is a superior alternative to waiting in long lines at a walk-in clinic or hospital ER surrounded by sick people and exposure to other illnesses that may be present. Now replace that scenario with a private in-room physician house call that can be scheduled at your convenience. The option that can turn this major interruption in your vacation plans into a more pleasurable experience and one that is much more efficient, extremely cost effective and a winwin for all is The Medical Concierge®.

Typically our guests can be seen within two hours of their initial phone call to our triage call center and our physicians are in and out of the guest’s room in less than one hour.

The Medical Concierge® has been providing medical services exclusively to the hospitality industry for over 30 years. We cater exclusively to the traveler, in need of medical and dental services, by sending board certified and Florida licensed pediatricians and family practitioners, directly to your hotel, resort or vacation home. Our Physicians will evaluate, diagnose, treat and if necessary provide needed medications, without the inconvenience of finding a pharmacy.