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What's New at Walt Disney World

Fall/Winter 05-06

This year, we’re celebrating 50 years of Disney Theme Park magic with new attractions from around the world!



The high-flying Soarin’ attraction lands in Epcot® direct from Disneyland® Resort. It’ll have you flying high above breathtaking California landscapes including the Golden Gate Bridge, redwood forests and Napa Valley. It’s an exhilarating experience with cool special effects that engage the senses to bring the free-flight adventure to life.


Lights, Motors, Action!™ Extreme Stunt Show

Racing in from Disneyland® Resort Paris as part of the Happiest Celebration On Earth, the Lights, Motors, Action!™ Extreme Stunt Show has burst upon the scene. One minute you’re enjoying an average day in an average town. The next minute, your adrenaline kicks into gear as backwards chases, two-wheel tilts, and explosive jumps rip through the center of town. Even more amazing—they show you how they’re all done!



Fantasy takes center stage at Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom® Park. Watch as Cinderella arrives in grand style and is crowned a princess during Cinderellabration, our musical stage spectacular inspired by the show at Tokyo Disneyland® Park. With some Fairy Godmother magic, the coronation pageant also includes a who’s who of Disney princesses, as Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine and Belle join in this “happily ever after” set to classic Disney melodies and majestic new music. Prince Charming is included.

“it’s a small world”

The “happiest cruise that ever sailed” has undergone an extensive restoration with vibrant color everywhere you look, sparkling new sound giving the music new life, and a wondrous new arrival area sporting a whimsical animated clock inspired by the enchanted façade at Disneyland® Park. It’s a small world—and a more magical one—after all!