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Wet 'n Wild

Last Splash at Wet 'n Wild

Summer 2016

It’s the Last Splash at Wet ‘n Wild the final year. It is your last chance to experience all of the thrills, chills and over-the-top excitement at Wet ‘n Wild Orlando. Since 1977, Wet ‘n Wild has been setting the standard for waterpark entertainment by creating unforgettable, shared adventures the entire family can enjoy together.

Race head-to-head down the tallest and fastest ride of its kind in Florida, Aqua Drag Racer™. Boogie on Disco H2O™ with groovy tunes and dancing lights, it’s a giant watery nightclub straight from the 70’s. With over 160 soakers, jets and water cannons, 15 slides and two pools all surrounding a 60-foot sandcastle, Blastaway Beach™, is the perfect water playground for the whole family. Come back for your Last Splash and Share the Rush, one more time.

Wet ’n Wild is permanently closing on December 31, 2016. Don’t miss your chance to share the Last Splash at Wet ‘n Wild Orlando.