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Catch of the Day

Summer 2010

When it comes to summer in Orlando the weather isn’t the only thing that is hot, so is the fishing. Central Florida is blessed with some of the best bass fishing in the USA. Central Florida’s Top Fishing Charters have shared a few of their Top Tips for Fishing.

A great source of information about fishing in Orlando is the Fishing Florida Radio which airs every Saturday morning from 6 – 9 A.M. on 7:40 A.M. the Game. The show has many professional charter captains reporting from the water and covers all the current happenings in the fishing world here in Orlando.

Be sure to bring a little heavier tackle such as medium heavy and heavy action rods. Some of the largest bass in the world are caught in these lakes.

Each person as required by Florida State Law must have a fishing license. Purchase in advance of the day of your fishing trip to maximize your time at sea.

Wear light color clothing; fish do not react to light or dark, but the sun does know the difference. Be prepared; colors like white, tan, beige are always best!

A good night’s sleep is highly recommended so you can fully enjoy your day on the water.

Florida fishing guarantees one thing; lots of Florida sun shine. Always be sure to apply sunscreen first thing in the morning.