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Aquatica: Fun as Endless as the Sea Itself

The Orlando landscape has taken on a new look as colorful water slides have arisen next to SeaWorld. Putting a whimsical impression on the Central Florida skyline, Aquatica, a water park that could only come from SeaWorld, is now open. Spring 2008

Aquatica blends up-close animal experiences, high-speed thrills and wide, sandy beaches.

Winding rivers throughout Aquatica offer two different journeys from serene to extreme. One river carries guests through gentle waterfalls, past exotic birds and into an undersea grotto with thousands of colorful fish. An adjacent river offers pure thrill, jetting riders through rolling rapids, rushing geysers and racing waters.

Plenty of wide, sand beaches, refreshing lagoons and cool shade from towering oaks and exotic trees create the ultimate water park for guest comfort. Personal cabanas dot the shoreline for those who desire a private retreat. The entire park is designed to limit wait times and provide easy access to rides, attractions and even restaurants. Those who don’t want to leave the comfort of their lounge chair can even enjoy beachside waiter service. All of this allows more time for carefree family fun.

Even the littlest swimmers will enjoy one-of-akind attractions at Aquatica. One of the world’s largest interactive water play areas includes a colorful rain fortress that towers 60 feet above a 15,000-square-foot pool. The entire family can zoom together on slides and blast water cannons. In a separate children’s pool, even those Aquatica guests not old enough to walk can still slide down tubes with Mom and Dad in specially built rafts.

Aquatica will be the natural complement to a full day’s adventure at SeaWorld Orlando, and create a trio of SeaWorld parks in Central Florida that collectively provide experiences found nowhere else in the world.

“In a destination famous for immersing families in fun, the SeaWorld parks offer the ultimate in family togetherness, connecting guests to the sea, and with each other in three immersive, interactive, but very different, ways,” said Joe Couceiro, corporate vice president of marketing.

Natural, exotic, untamed, fun … SeaWorld’s new water park, Aquatica, has an attitude all its own. Offering fun as endless as the sea itself, it’s not what you would expect from a water park, unless that park is created by SeaWorld.