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Special Friends Need Special Care

Spring 2012

At Bass Pet Resort & Spa, Orlando's premier pet facility, they understand the important role your pet plays in your life. When your precious pets can't share your accommodations while on vacation, be assured that they will receive quality care, personalized attention and a relaxing atmosphere during their stay.

Bass Pet Resort & Spa is in a brand new multi-million dollar facility located on 10 beautiful, quiet and serene acres only 10 miles east of Disney. Offering a variety of services that include lodging, day care, training – behavior and obedience, grooming and bathing.

The professional staff will customize a care regimen to meet the specific needs of your pet. Maybe Muffin likes her biscuits first thing in the morning, and then again late afternoon... Fido may need his heart worm medicine at the first of the month. The expert staff is there to accommodate your pet.

The staff is a very passionate group of animal lovers that includes expertise in behavior and obedience training, veterinary technician, staff that specializes in disability care/special needs, groomers and every employee is deeply passionate about animals (it happens to be a requirement for employment).

Caring for many animals including but not necessarily limited to dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and ferrets.