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New Breed of Animal Show Lives at Seaworld Orlando

Fall/Winter 07-08

A new genre of entertainment lives at SeaWorld Orlando. Believe and Blue Horizons -- new breeds of animal shows -- inspire guests’ emotions and imaginations, and also re-ignite their passions for their own dreams. SeaWorld’s creative team collaborated with innovative entertainment icons from Hollywood to Broadway to combine larger-than-life sets, dramatic costuming, original musical scores, and intriguing show developments -- with the awe-inspiring feats of SeaWorld’s renowned animals and trainers.


The most ambitious entertainment project in SeaWorld’s history, Believe showcases SeaWorld’s majestic killer whales performing awe-inspiring choreography, an elaborate three-story set including panoramic LED screens and an original musical score written exclusively for this show.

A first for SeaWorld, the intense choreography of this extraordinary show creates a breathtaking “killer whale ballet” of grace and agility, as every movement of the powerful whales -- each weighing 6,000 to 10,000 pounds -- is matched to the corresponding beat of a stirring, original musical score created exclusively for this show.

The centerpiece of the new set design is a three-story tail fluke flanked by four, 20-foot-wide LED screens which operate independently and also move together to create a single, 80-foot-long panoramic screen. These screens provide guests at Shamu Stadium with views of the whales from above- and below-water cameras, including, for the first time, a camera suspended directly over the main show pool.

Blue Horizons

A young girl’s vivid imagination sets the stage for Blue Horizons -- a breakthrough theatrical spectacular that seamlessly blends the amazing power and grace of SeaWorld’s dolphins and false killer whales with the lavish splendor of Broadway.

In a show filled with action both above and below the water, dolphins and false killer whales leap their way into this dreamy adventure with no apparent direction from trainers. Colorful macaws, a flock of sun conures and an Andean condor soar over the audience as they ascend toward the horizon.

Olympic-caliber divers -- dressed in elaborate costumes and symbolizing sea and sky -- dive off a 40-foot-high set with amazing aerial artistry. Filled with hundreds of iridescent bubbles and an immense rising sun, the set’s framework envelops the pool and balances aerialists as they plunge from bungees and soar on “cloud swings.”