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Luring the Alluring Largemouth Bass

Fall/Winter 08-09

The Kissimmee Chain of Lakes offers some of the best freshwater fishing in Florida, but to the novice fisherman, the task of hooking a bass can be tricky. Fish are not exactly creatures of habit. Their variety goes hand in hand with the changing of the seasons, so this season, use these tips for catching “the big one.”

For the Fall and Winter months, plan the majority of your fishing between the hours of noon and 6 PM. During this time, the sun’s rays are directly overhead, making the surface waters more comfortable and alluring to bait schools. Always remember, where there’s small fish, there’s big fish lurking nearby.

Order up some large minnows (shiners) or nightcrawlers for a tasty change. These are good all-around types of baits and come readily available from bait and tackle shops.

Keep from overcrowding and use the water they were captured in to keep them alive. For cast and retrieve fishing, try a vertical hook through the minnow’s lips. For still fishing, hook the minnow through the back just above its dorsal fin, making sure not to damage the spinal cord. Remember, bass are smart. They will know you’re casting dead bait even if you draw a smile on it. The bass will ignore it and smile right back.

Fish by structures, and be wary of open waters. Fish like shelter, shade, and protection and generally inhabit these places, as food is more readily available here. In cold weather, vegetation lines recede, so during peak winter months, check vegetation lines and cast near those areas.

Novice or not, even the best angler can still learn a thing or two, so next time you’re fishing the best waters in Florida, remember these tips.

And as the old Irish blessing goes,“May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it.” Happy Fishing!


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