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Keeping Kids Healthy on Vacation

Summer 2013

Vacation can be an opportunity for us to drop our guard and let the little ones indulge in things that are not so good for them. Whether traveling by car or plane, setting a few boundaries and taking a few precautions can eliminate that unforeseen visit from the pediatrician.

1. Take 5

There are so many things to do; it is tempting to cram your schedule. A packed schedule can run down little immune systems. Build in some quality nap time.

2. Should’ve had a V8®

The rules of good nutrition should certainly be packed in the suitcase along with that favorite T-shirt.

3. Wash those hands - a lot!

Be sure to wash children’s hands before every meal and every snack.

4. Use sunscreen like it’s going out of style

Overexposure to the sun can zap energy levels and cause dehydration. Carry a small bottle so you can reapply during the day.

5. Multivitamins- mom’s best friend.

A healthy diet is by far the best source of vitamins for kids; however, a multivitamin can help bridge the gap when eating habits are less than favorable.

A convenient and economical way to have your kids seen by a doctor is to use a 24/7 concierge medical practice. A Pediatriciancan come to your hotel or villa on your schedule.


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