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Pirates Dinner Adventure Orlando Florida.

Pirates Dinner Adventure



Hear ye. Hear ye. You are invited to the annual Gala celebrating almost 30 years as a Pirate free Treasures Bay. Princess Anita herself, has invited each of you to celebrate and join her in welcoming her special guest, a magical mermaid and her mythical Serpent’s Eye necklace.

It is said that this necklace, while in the hands of the magical mermaid, keeps everyone safe from the dreaded Leviathan. But should the necklace fall into the hands of the Pirates, all will be lost.

The Pirates are devising a plan to take revenge on the town that exiled them, steal the Serpent’s Eye, and capture each of you special guests in attendance for our Gala. Board the ship of the dreaded Captain Sebastian the Black as he takes you captive along with the Princess and magical mermaid and become part of the adventure.

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