Walgreens launched a national health initiative to encourage Americans to become more active, get healthy, stay well and help prevent today's leading disease states, all by walking more. Walk with Walgreens (www.walgreens. com/walk) is a free walking program and online platform that rewards you for the steps you take. And it's now easier than ever to join.

Pick up a free Walk with Walgreens kit with your registration at any Walgreens throughout Central Florida. The new kit was recently featured on The Celebrity Apprentice® and was designed by a team of the show's celebrities.

Central Florida is the perfect place to make walking a part of your daily routine - with its abundance of parks, trails, quaint neighborhoods and even our worldrenowned theme parks and attractions. Walk with Walgreens is a program that rewards you for something that most of us do every day, walk. This program will help you track your progress, have fun and achieve some healthy goals along the way.

Walgreens goal is simple: to get more Americans taking more steps, in more places than ever before. Why? Because walking is the most fundamental exercise there is. And making it an important part of your daily lifestyle can have a major impact on your health, happiness and even the environment.

You can take part with three easy steps: walk, log and get rewards. Your first step is
to WALK into your nearest Walgreens and sign up for this free program, and your first reward will be a complimentary Walk with Walgreens starter kit. The kit includes a pedometer to count your steps, distance and calories burned and a drawstring bag for carrying your walking essentials.

Walking essential number one is to use sunscreen or sun block. Be sure to apply sunscreen before you start your walk and then reapply it every couple of hours once you are in the sun since perspiration and skin oils can cause your protection to diminish over time. Walgreens carries several sun screen and sun block products to help people with different skin types.

Essential number two is to hydrate before, during and after your walk. Staying hydrated should happen slow and steady. Don't wait until you feel thirsty to start hydrating because in many cases this may be too late. Just like with skin protection, you should start your hydration before you start your walk.

Walgreens carries many products to help you stay hydrated, from bottled waters to sports drinks. Sports drinks may increase that benefit because they also provide electrolytes that can be lost during perspiration, as well as, some vitamins and minerals. Essential number three is to make sure you eat a well-balanced diet that includes sufficient fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins.

The final essential is preventative medicine or first aid. Some ibuprofen can alleviate minor aches and pains that can develop if you are not used to or just starting a walking regimen or for those that suffer from minor arthritis. You should pack bandages for the occasional blister, especially when breaking in new shoes or from spending more time walking than your feet are accustomed to.

Walk with Walgreens is a Win-Win-Win! Increase your exercise. Earn valuable rewards. Go Green! Can you walk the walk? Come sign up at your nearest Walgreens. Pick up your kit and some walking essentials and PROVE IT!


Dennis Pustinger is a pharmacy manager for Walgreens and a Certified
Immunizer. He has been a registered pharmacist for 26 years. He started his
career at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Md., and has spent the
past 16 years working for Walgreens in Orlando, Fl. Dennis graduated from
Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Penn., with a Bachelor of Science in
Pharmacy in 1986 and is currently managing the pharmacy at Walgreen's
newest location on the corner of International Drive and Central Florida
Parkway by Sea World in Orlando, Fla. In his off time he can be spotted
walking or riding his bike around International Drive with his wife, Anne,
enjoying all of the area's restaurants and attraction


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